Coming Soon: More Stuff, More Posts

Hi, folks! Cycling's role in my life has continued to increase at a rate that justifies keeping a better record. I'm absolutely loving every part of it. So, I've decided (for now) to use this site to track not only adventures, but my general bike happenings, work, purchases, repairs, builds, etc. - there seem to be a lot of them lately. I also like the idea of becoming a resource for information on vintage bikes, since what exists online has no unified source and is often extremely hard to find.

Coming up:
-About 75% complete on a cyclocross bike build (beginning pictured above, from bare frame+parts!).
-1-2 small tours in September/October?
-Possibly another new ride to beat up around town as Seattle slips into non-optimal weather.
-Thoughts on new gear, little odds 'n ends, random musings.
-Photos. Always photos.
-Probably a little griping about potholes and car doors.

Stay tuned!

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