Day 2

Last night, I was totally whooped. Once my body got half of a pizza inside it, it decided I'd had all of my needs met for the night and it was time to pass out.

I spent about 27 of yesterday's 32 miles biking uphill. I started from my campsite at sea level and reached the peak of 3600 ft just before Waimea. It was rough going up - really slow roiling with all this gear - but totally worth it once I got up to about 2000 ft and started to get some rewarding views! Until then it'd been mostly farm land. Once I got up around the peak, I didn't even want to come down - I was busy relishing in the scenery and thinking that if I were to come down, I'd probably just have to go up again. So, I sat at a scenic overlook and had a rewarding lunch: last night's leftovers (noodles + "rice side") mixed in with an avocado (the best avocado I'd eaten in MONTHS). I talked to a bunch of tourists stopping by to take photos up here - an older guy from Boston, a German couple on their honeymoon (and subsequently found out that I'd forgotten more German than I'd expected), and a pickup full of middle-aged folk from Wisconsin (go figure, RIGHT?!). From here, it was a descent straight down into Waimea (awesome and terrifying gopro footage forthcoming), a few supply stops in town, and arrival at friend/remote tour guide Dan's mom's house! I took one of the greatest showers of my life, had some awesome pizza and a few replenishment beers, looked at a few maps and guide books, and passed out.

Enough text! Images!

Morning campsite


Uninspired northern-most point of my trip

Valleys! 2200 ft I think

The top!


On the descent

Supply run to Natural Foods

Sunset in the backyard

Today's goal is a whopping 60 miles to Keaau. There are a lot of cool stops along the way, so I'm not going to push myself on this one and may opt for a hostel in Hilo instead (50 miles).


Today's stats:
Dist: 33.3 mi
Time: 3 hours 38 mins
Avg speed: 9.16mph
Max speed: 37.02mph

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  1. The life. Too healthy and arduous for me. More beer, less pedaling. Enjoy!