Pre-Day 1!

Got in late last night, took a cab to my hotel room, and spent the night putting together and tuning up my bike. New brakes and cleats are about to feel soooo goood. Testing out my new camera, I made a time lapse of the process! http://youtu.be/e0_KMiNkWbw

The hotel (Hale Maluhia Country Inn) is nice, pretty cheap, and the staff is super helpful and friendly! It's all I need and has been perfect - highly recommended. They're going to let me keep my bike box and bag here for the week, which is absolutely essential. The place is up in the hills so I'll have a nice, steep, winding morning descent out. Nature sounds here are fantastic except for the roosters that woke me up at 5:30.

Oh, and how awesome are my friends? One of my best friends from Seattle, Dan, grew up over here and is going to be my remote tour guide for the week, sending me personalized maps that open on my phone in Google Earth. Mahalo, Dan! I'm a lucky dude. Here's the blessing I woke up to:

Time to pack up my bags, get breakfast, and hit the road! Gonna make my way up the coast through some lava fields today. Hoping to rent a snorkel someplace in Kona as well. Should be low 80s and sunny! This is happening!


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