I got in safely to Sydney around 7 this morning after an internal-body-clock-busting 21 hours of travel, grueling airplane food and film, and general boredom. This was my first flight since 4th grade without the accompaniment of music, which drove me completely nuts. I didn't pack an iPod or a computer and my phone wasted its entire battery trying to load the music which it should've synced up to itself prior to leaving for the airport (battery was a slight issue later... Travel tip: bathrooms on planes have power outlets). I watched almost all of the in-flight movies; I am embarrassed to admit I was even bored enough to watch a movie called "the vow", during which I should've just jumped out of the plane's emergency exit.

Anyway, I, and more importantly my bike, arrived safe in Sydney. I was picked up by John, a friend/colleague of my dad's, whose home I'm very lucky to be staying in right now. It's 10 minutes outside of Sydney and called Balmain. I'll spend two nights here getting acclimated and making sure I'm as ready as possible before taking off on bicycle.

I spent the day getting to know the city a little, gearing up, and just trying to beat the jetlag by staying awake. I got an Australian phone number and prepaid plan and some other travel/camping necessities - appropriately enough, John's wife works at a travel store called "lightweight traveller"! They've been extremely helpful with everything so far.

Tomorrow I'll finish re-building my bike and packing my gear, finding fuel for my camp stove, and EXPLORING! Fortunately, I'll be back here at least once before I head back to the states, so there's no rush to see everything immediately.


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  1. Looking good Mike!

    I'm excited for you, and looking forward to sharing a part of the journey with you man!

    Andrew Gaines