Breakthrough for Myself and Mankind / Lunch Break in Kiama

I call it "peanuts in nutella" or "making the most of the for different foods I carry with me" or "why didn't I think of this sooner?"

Stopped for lunch in Kiama. I made extra chicken breasts last night, so I crafted a chicken-avocado-pesto sandwich. Looks a bit like bile, but yeah nutrients!

I followed a guy, Tony, into town. He found me on the bike lane next to the highway (functional but not fun) and showed me a less-trafficked route closer to the coast. He also assured me that after the next few towns, things should level out a lot. No more giant hills?!

Making good time today so far. Was feeling great this morning on all levels. Getting noticeably better with hills and navigation already. I've got my sights set far on a campsite Tony mentioned. He either said "shellharbour hoods" or "shoalhaven heads"... If you thought Australians were hard to understand, try conversing while riding a bike on the shoulder of a 100km/hr highway. Anyway, I've got 27 miles under my belt and it should be another 30 ish.

My god I look strange eating nutella with a spoon in a public park.


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