Hi, internet people!

I spent the last couple of days packing, riding, and picking up last-minute gear.





Everything fits!

My S&S coupled bike comes apart at two places on the frame and the cables pull apart, too. From bottom to top, it's packed: front half, rear wheel, top half, handlebars, front wheel. Tires and the non-drive side pedal had to be removed. Yes, I am using a cardboard box. I'm already regretting not dropping what seemed like a ridiculous amount of money for a hardshell travel case. Either way, everything fits alright and it's legal size to be considered a normal checked item.

Heading to the airport in a couple of minutes; flight leaves at 6:10PM from O'Hare, through LA, and into Sydney at 6:10AM on MAY 24TH. Mysterious loss of an entire day, but I suppose it will be returned on the way back.

Throughout the journey, I'll be trying my best to post some updates, hopefully each day. At the moment, I will not be bringing a computer, so posts will be coming mostly from my smartphone. I may purchase a tablet once I arrive there in order to more easily facilitate the transferring of pictures. My phone will also use GPS tracking, shown in the map to the right. It'll most likely update each time I find wifi. Feel free to snoop around the site and sign up for the email subscription. It should send an email containing whatever posts I've written each day.

Here we go!


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