The Future

I've spent the last few days in Melbourne, which has been fantastic and will receive its own post. However, lots of this time has been devoted to making several different potential itineraries and bashing them against each other until I decided which would be the best. My wacky planes, trains, and automobiles (and bikes) itinerary from here is as follows:

June 16: Heading to the airport at 3:30AM with Will and boxing up my bike. 7:45 flight into Sydney, arriving at 9:15AM and hitting the road immediately.
June 16-22/23: Bike touring North from Sydney as far as I can make it. The potential destination is Port Macquarie, about halfway from Sydney to Brisbane.
June 22/23: Catching a train, bus, cheap flight (or truck bed? emu? kangaroo pouch?) to Brisbane.
June 23/24: Flight from Brisbane to Cairns.
June 24-30: Cairns! Coastal tropics - beachgoing, scuba diving, snorkeling, rainforest exploration, and probably a 2- or 3-day bike tour in the area.
June 30: Flight from Cairns to Sydney.
June 30-July 2: Packing and last-minute ventures around Sydney.
July 2: Flight HOME from Sydney to O'Hare.

Virgin Airlines appears to be making it easy enough for me to bring my bike along to each destination, so I'm glad to be able to keep up with the bike tours and excited to see what the different areas and their climates will bring! The North will all be much more tropical - no more frosty mornings and cold nights.

Keep an eye out for further updates. This is quite the adventure.


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