Still Stuck

Mudslides at Alfred National Park and flooding at Bairnsdale mean I've got nowhere to go. I even tried sweet talking the new "guards", who are enjoying their big shining moment sitting in lawn chairs next to cones and flashing lights, but to no avail. Most of what I got out of them was, "maybe tomorrow... But we don't really know..."

I'm thinking I'll ride into Mallacoota, which is on the coast 15 miles away, just to get out of here and to try to find some groceries. They're also without power, but at least I can watch the ocean and walk around somewhere new. I'm surrounded by farmland in Genoa and listening to cows mooing gets old pretty fast (actually, it got old immediately). Weather's supposed to be nice today, so that's one thing I've got going for me, I guess.


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