I think I actually stayed in a resort last night...

I got up at 7 overlooking the sun rising on the property's hills and mountains. Kangaroos were grazing in the distance and a couple of parrots flew over my head. The family here offered me breakfast and I'm finishing up doing laundry as I prepare to head out. It was easily the best meal and best night's sleep I've had in Australia, perhaps the best I will have as well. Another GIANT thank you to my impromptu host family for taking in a stranger and treating me like part of the family. I wish you would've let me do more dishes! I've been totally spoiled and might have a difficult time sleeping in my tent and hostels for the next couple days as I readjust to "roughing it."

It's clear here but it looks like there's rain coming in from the coast about 60km South around Eden. I'll try to make it there by early afternoon for a break and we'll see what the rest of the day holds.


PS I tried Vegemite with breakfast... Very salty, very... uh... different. They say unless you've been eating it since birth, you probably won't like it.

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