Storm's Aftermath

Blue skies today! The sunshine feels fantastic on my face and my solar charger as I take my lunch break in the tiny town of Genoa having crossed the border a few miles back. Storms over the past 3 days knocked down a lot of trees and caused a few floods and mudslides, closing my exact path along the princes highway from the Victoria border to Orbost. Genoa is the last town I'll see for a couple of days (til Orbost) and it isn't much. There is a cafe, two motels, another unmarked building, and an old bridge. They have no power, water, or phones because of the storm. A sign says, "explore Genoa! It's more than just a dot on the map!" After about 2 minutes of "exploration" and one conversation with a very grouchy old cafe owner, I'm convinced that it's actually LESS of a dot on the map than the dot on MY map might have led on.


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