Storm's Aftermath pt. 2: Bitter Frustration, Setbacks

Well, I'm officially STUCK in crappy little Genoa. I talked to highway workers officiating the road block and roads are still closed from here to Orbost. They said that in addition to the ongoing mudslides, trees had fallen on a few trucks and some trees are still falling, so nobody's getting through. I was finally having a great morning, augh. I'm in the hotel/motel bar, half-lit on generator power, having a beer.

Sounds like there's nothing I can do and no way around it. There's a place I can put up my tent, so I may as well get that going. Thank god I bought a book during one of the rainy days on the way to Merimbula. I have half a pack of spaghetti, half jars of peanut butter and nutella, half a bag of bread, some cereal, granola, and a can of tuna to last me the next couple of days - probably no grocery stores until Orbost and there sure as hell isn't anything here. They're saying the roads might reopen later tonight or tomorrow morning, but it doesn't sound too promising.


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