June 1: Heavy Machinery

I spent a little too much time on the princes highway today. Morning was good - I left at 9:45 and had put in 33 miles from ulladulla to Bateman's bay by lunchtime. I had my headphones in, was in the zone keeping pace very well despite hilly scenery. Blended in fine with the princes and their highway. It was a lot like yesterday's ride - not much to see, moderate hills, etc.

I got to Skype my parents on my lunch break courtesy of a local motel's unsecured wireless network - great to hear familiar voices! I had a sausage sandwich and hit the road again about 2-2:30, legs a little stiff from the extended break. Coming out of the bay was not nearly as productive or enjoyable as going in. Instead of music (to conserve phone battery), I listened to the roars of cars and trucks whipping past my right elbow. It seemed to be mostly uphill and the construction zones were more frequent. After two consecutive days of riding highways exclusively, I really began to notice the difference in air quality. The fumes from exhaust and construction were getting to me. I pulled off for a break and talked to a woman who'd also stopped; she recommended an alternate route into the next two towns, which I took to Moruya. Great timing! The ride in was pleasant coming along a river through farmland.

Moruya itself is nothing special - a couple of bars, motels, and a Woolworth's (my favorite grocery store). I spent some time getting groceries and scoping out a place to camp. With two sides of the whole river, no camp grounds are necessary. I verified this with the police station, who said I wouldn't be messed with and pointed me to a good spot. So... Free camping! Tonight is easily my most hobo-esque night so far - I cooked some beef and peppers on one of the public bbqs, for which all Australians seem to have some sort of fetish (seriously, I passed at least 4 bbq sites in the 3 miles coming in). Cooked and ate the whole dinner with just my buck knife and I'm about to treat myself to a large brown-bagged beer in my tent as soon as I pick my spot and get set up. It's like I'm LIVING... in a VAN... down by the RIVER!

(but without the van)


Today's stats:
Total dist: 54.90 mi
Total time: 4 hours 33 mins
Avg speed: 12.06 mph

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